01 September 2009

New Team, New Beginnings, New Goodies

I am delighted to announce that I have joined a new company: Creative Labs, the company who brings you Zen, Sound Blaster, and Vado HD Pocket Cams (to name a few).

And speaking of Vado HD-- I went to SF Outside Lands this past weekend, something I am convinced has become an annual tradition, and filmed all three days with my new toy. You might be thinking that any opinion I give you will be a skewed and biased one, and perhaps that is true. Yes, that is true. BUT, I am also a beginner. I am familiar with the name Creative, I know their products through what I have seen in advertising. When it comes to experiencing Creative products, I previously drew the line at speakers. I was genuinely stoked to get started using my Vado HD.

I'll start off by saying, I love the extra contents they throw in: a silicon skin, carabineer clip for the padded carrying case, and HDMI cable. Plus, there is an option for an additional battery for the camera which is perfect for me because I am always filming exorbitant amounts of things and then forgetting to turn things off. The camera has an auto standby/sleep phase that it goes into when you stop using it for a while. When it's in this phase you can revive it by hitting any button and the screen will flash back up, otherwise it shuts off after prolonged non-use.

I filmed Day One with the thought, "well, here goes" in the back of my head the whole time. I knew eventually I would get home, upload the videos and there would be the proof- either the product is great, or it isn't. When I got home and started listening/watching the clips from the day, I was impressed. I mean jaw-drop impressed. I have used small video recording devices before and they are complete poop when you take them to concerts. Their mics can't handle the blast from the speakers. You know when you are walking somewhere and a car drives past you blasting music inside? The doors rattle, the trunk rattles, your ribcage rattles? I am sure it sounds just peachy inside the car- but outside it sounds like a death rattle. Well, that is what other cams recordings sound like. The Vado HD was sort of a miracle--a Godsend to me, the concert addict. The recording was crystal clear. I could hear a variety of crowd noise that didn't over-power the sound of the song. (Except for the one time that the guy next to me insisted on clapping to the beat--not in time--right into the microphone. That time, I couldn't hear the music. Frankly, I was a bit mad at him- not the Vado.)

Below are all five videos I have created from the three days. I have kept them all short, each is under a minute and a half, so that you can stay entertained and don't have to sacrifice half of your day watching. ;) Let me know what you think, ask me questions, show me your videos, make requests on what you want to see next. I am happy to listen, answer, watch and oblige.