03 May 2010


I just sold my Nikon D40 on Ebay, so we are having some sentimental time together before I have to send her out via UPS.

Throughout the 18 or so months that I have had her, I have learned a lot, and yet still understood very little. There were moments when I got the settings so screwed up the photos were merely snapshots of black.

Since Day One, I have pushed myself to learn more- to take more challenging shots. And while I consider myself far from a photographer, I know that one day my vision of the world might be captured so I can preserve my life the way I have always seen it.

It is one PM and I am still in pajamas, face moisturized but not yet wearing the daily mask of pigments and powders. Mondays are for work days spent at home--long hours spent in quiet familiar spaces. Mondays are for days I say goodbye to an old friend and welcome a new one.

My Nikon D5000 will be here Wednesday. New adventures are bound to ensue.

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