30 August 2011

Slow Leak: An Evolution

I'm gearing up to record my first EP. Everything feels like it is moving in the right direction, at the right speed. A friend of mine, Jason, commented that he loves Slow Leak because he was able to see it evolve from the moment of conception to where it is today. It has, indeed, been a wild progression.

I love Slow Leak now, a story about a relationship torn apart. It was written as a letter to myself and my partner at the time as we were in the midst of a drawn out break up. We were trying to figure out the way to find a resolution while making a series of terrible decisions.

It's cathartic and painful and exhilarating to play & I can't wait to have a full recording of it. I know it's top on a lot of people's lists of songs to have on the album.

Thanks to Tyler Breish for the iPhone video at our latest Homophonic Show. Come see Homophonic, a queer singer/songwriter showcase, every third Saturday of the month at Martuni's SF.

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